In the movie "Day For Denial" Mrs Noughtfear portrayed me as a good for nothing disabled pineapple who is married to her. This was very upsetting for me. I am not her husband. I am the Sun of Queensland. I never touched that woman, Mrs Noughtfear because she is The Number Nun.

She claims she created me in her own imagination. Well I've got news for her, I evolved and I can prove it. She thinks she is the great teacher of Gobbledygoo Arithmetic, the mathematics for missing persons, and she plays with words.

I PLAY ALL THE ABC she says is an anagram of  the word ALPHABETICALLY.  Well Mrs Fartenough, how about that for an anagram?

She traffics in missing dolls. She not only finds them, she hides them in the first place to make out how smart she is in finding them. She's a man all right pretending to be a Nun and she's got problems all right, lots of them. The public would never allow a male Queen in The Kingdom of Queensland, if only they knew.

My relationship with Molly is as a good father who found her on a train,  and as for Queen Betsy Ten, she should be on the throne, not Mrs Noughtfear.
"DAY FOR DANIEL"               "DAY FOR DENILA"         "DAY FOR DENIAL"
Nineapple Pineapple exposes Mrs Noughtfear                                       The children expose their parents                                 Mrs Noughtfear exposes Nineapple Pineapple